Wednesday, May 11, 2005

How Newman of Newman...

Sent out 18 résumés to local private and parochial schools. No real hits, but some sent me applications.

Anyway, the best rejection letter ever came to me today, courtesy of Newman. I have altered only the salutation.

"Dear Ms. Peon,

Thank you so much for your inquiry regarding the elementary position at Newman School. While it is hard to write a letter with a less than favorable outcome, I wanted to inform you that we will not be interviewing you for that position at this time. I say this now so that you will be able to continue your job search unencumbered by false expectations.

I appreciate your taking the time to write Newman and wish you well during your job search."

I'd like to point out some missing commas and the fact that it should read "less-than-favorable." Reputation isn't everything, apparently. And man, who bought her a thesaurus? Because that was evidently the best gift ever. This woman must get a lot of use out of it.

I'm not mad at them, just amused that they sent me this letter. With huge words. And bad punctuation. How Newman of them.


belizafullmer said...

I would first like to say what a pretty little page you have! I love polka dots, which you'll probably find out this Friday.

Secondly, I'm surprised Mrs. Webster didn't go British on your ass and spell it "favourable."

Anonymous said...

Your self-description ("[s]tuck being a slave to spoiled, ungrateful rich kids") belies your grammarian's response to Newman's rejection letter. If you wished to escape rich kids, ungrateful or otherwise, why try to teach at Newman? Or limit your job search to private and parochial schools? There are many public schools (probably all but Franklin) in New Orleans where you would never run across a rich kid.

To complain about the ingratitude of rich kids while seeking only to teach middle- or upper-middle-class kids seems hypocritical.

I wish you the best in your job search.

Reginald White

Mae said...

"Reginald White," whomever you are...

No, I don't find it to be hypocritical. Why? Because teaching is different from my current job. One of my duties is coordinating birthday parties. That's how I'm a slave to spoiled rich kids. I'm not a teacher yet.

Yes, I only applied to private and parochial schools. I went through the Archdiocesan system here. I also have done classroom observations in "good" public schools. My first time doing that, I called my parents and thanked them for sacrificing so much to send me to Catholic schools. Why? Because I didn't feel comfortable. I don't want to teach in a place where cops are parked out front or I have to go through a metal detector. I want to work somewhere safe. I'm not a very big person. There are kids in public schools who are bigger than me and are almost my age.

I also am not comfortable with the idea of teaching inclusion classes. First of all, I don't totally agree with the concept. Second, I am not in special ed training. It would not be fair to the students to have a teacher who is not qualified teaching them. I have decided not to go into it simply because I am too unsure of my own abilities. I am not strong enough to deal with that type of classroom setting.

To say that Newman and other private/parochial schools only have spoiled rich kids in them is a stereotype. I have subbed P.E. at a private school for a few years, and I can guarantee that most of them are on scholarship and financial aid. I also can vouch for my parents, my husband's parents, and most of my friends' parents, who all had to scrimp and save, some more than others, to send their children to schools that would provide the best educations.

So, no. It isn't hypocritical. Are you a Newman person who got ticked off because I mocked your alma mater? Either way, thanks for stopping by. Glad I moved you enough to comment on a random stranger's blog.

anne said...

I guess that's what happens when you adjust your blog so that your friends without a blog can leave comments. I wish I had time to waste cruising around on the internet and commenting on a complete stranger's blog.

No one asked you Reginald!!! This blog is up for people who actually know her.