Monday, September 11, 2006

Is it so wrong?

Is it so wrong of me to not bat an eye at today's date? September 11. Ho hum.

Am I a horrible person for no longer caring?

I mean, I care. I feel deeply for those friends and families.

But the 1-year of Katrina didn't get nearly the coverage and the national swelling of pride and patriotism that the 1-year of 9/11 did. And our 5-year will get even less. I feel like the 5-year of 9/11 did better, ratings-wise, than did 8/29.

Is it wrong of me to feel so jealous?

Is it wrong of me to feel so bitter?

I never proclaimed to be anything but me: a Bush-hating lapsed patriot who wishes we'd get something other than a redneck redstate cowboy in office. Perhaps that contributes?

But I never imagined I would ever not care about 9/11's anniversary.

Dear lord....don't let me ever feel so disenchanted about Katrina.

I still stand by Nagin and his hole-in-the-ground speech. I know what he meant. I get it. I even forgave him "Chocolate City" for that one. But....

Am I a horrible person?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


My brother made this documentary this past weekend. Before you go thinking that New Orleans is "back" or "recovered," go watch this hour-long footage.