Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oy vey...

Talk about small worlds and reprogramming....

So we had a guest speaker at teacher inservices today...the father of one of the families I've known through the J over the last 10 years....four kids....had all of IMs me to this day... Apparently, he speaks to us once a month. Random!

Also, a mom who used to bring her cute little boy to babysitting is the accountant for HRA.

In addition, a family with three boys, one of whom got lost in WDW last year and almost lost his $40 cowboy hat out west this year, attends the school.

But on to, after working with children only in a Jewish environment, I need to retrain my brain to work in a Catholic setting. For instance, I have been joking around that when Halloween and Valentine's Day roll around, I'll have to remember that not only can I talk about these holidays, but I can decorate, celebrate, and teach them. But that was a joke, mostly.

Yesterday, I was helping my co-teacher go through boxes of supplies, and I found a jar filled with colored stones. It looked like candy until I picked it up, and I was thinking that we could give it to the kids for rewards. Then I picked up the jar, not to unpack it, but to see if the candy was kosher. D'oh!

Then, they were talking about how we can use the kitchen for instructional methods if we want, and I was ready to take a tour of it and learn where the dairy and meat sides were, and then I felt excited when I realized that I no longer need approval for items brought in!!! And best of all, no Rabbi Schfiftyfive lording over the kitchen! Woo-woooo!

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Mitch said...

A kitchen where you need not seek approval for Kosher needs?

I would faint at the point.

Wow :)