Sunday, October 02, 2005

Part 5F: F Katrina.

Got back through the checkpoint using Mark's press pass again today. We were going to rescue CDs, DVDs, china, and crystal.

CDs were impossible to get to, as you'll see. Mild hope for the DVDs. Got my fridge magnets, too. China and crystal were so full of water and muck. I emptied all glasses and most plates of their delicious smelling cocktails, but got overcome by the smell and gave up. Those we had to leave for another day.

Took some more pictures. Here you go.

That brown stuff is one of my cloest doors and the face-down dresser in our bedroom. That's the bedspread on top.

We had seperate closets. Mine was in our room, Mark's was in the computer room. This is a prime example of why this is my mantra: "NO WIRE HANGERS EVER!!!" Look at the rust. Plastic will be a rule in my house. Not that it would matter anyway. Our clothes are condemmed. Mark's B.C. Rich Warlock guitar is on the shelf, suffering the same fate mine did. That board? That's a part of the bookshelves in the room.

Part of the reason why my Simpsons figures and the CDs are not salvageable: the pile of rubble. That's Castle Greyskull on top of our bookcases. Luckily, mine fell face down and was buried, so I did not see my book carnage. See my Chief Wiggum on the windowsill?

More of why we couldn't rescue stuff: That dresser had most of Mark's massive CD collection in it. The door leading to the backyard was rusted/swollen shut. CDs are everywhere. That orange thing was a white oldschool computer monitor. Something inside reacted with the chemicals in the toxic water that filled our home and turned it orange, according to Geoff.

More of the computer room. The file cabinets are there in the upper left. That's Jon Stewart's Daily Show book "America." That paper-looking substance on the left is part of Mark's closet door.

The panelled walls in the computer room are bulging. That's where the two bookcases stood.

From now on, no more do-it-yourself furniture. That stuff is too cheaply made.

A shot of the bathroom. That's the dirty clothes hamper on the ground.

That's a shot over the sofa. That big blank wall is where it used to be. "Napoleon Dynamite" is under the window. That black thing is my photo ladder. The silver thing is one of our DVD racks. The coffee table is almost where we left it. Dane Cook's "Harmful if Swallowed" is on the coffee table.

Here's a close-up of it. We call it, "Harmful if Flooded." That pretty much sums up our house.

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Em said...

I wish there was something I could say - and even more, I wish there was something I could do to make this any better.