Sunday, November 06, 2005

More pictures...a real post will come soon...

Went back to Lakeview to begin the arduous task of emptying the house. We have to throw everything on the curb so the landlord may gut and sell the property. Even if we wanted to go back, we can't. In the meantime, here are pictures of 2 months after Katrina hit.

This is my new car. They took mine the other day. Notice I opted for mini-SUV in order to make it through flood waters and to pack more stuff to evacuate next year.

The trash heap on the beautiful walking track a block from my house between Pontchartrain Blvd. and West End Blvd. It's about 4 stories high.

More of the heap.


I think the look on Mom's face says it all.

This was in the parking lot of my dad's BP station. Must have floated out of MeMe's Market or B&B Pharmacy. It says "Warm wishes to the whole family at Thanksgiving..."

The estimate to clear out MeMe's is $140,000. They deemed it too expensive. The food and other groceries are still rotting inside. Nothing has been removed. The flies are atrocious, and the stench....ugh.

Inside Dad's station, which they have finished gutting. They've put up the new studs and are rolling along. Estimate on electricity returning to Lakeview? 6-8 months. Estimate on Dad being ready to reopen? 2 months.

This is a door hidden by a pegboard. Amazing what you discover when you gut an old building.

The bay. They towed the Yukon out, but the Porsche remains.

Poor Porsche.

A hole in the wall reveals the gutted Ace Hardware Store next to the station.

From the storage area to the front. See how slimy the windows are? They cleaned them today, but you can't even tell that's Geoff's red Corolla out there.

These clipboards stayed in place.

View from the storage area into the bay.

Mom and Alicia walking towards the storage and office area from the C-store area.

Alicia in awe of my dad's progress.

On Fleur de Lis, near where the levee breached.

Looking from Fleur de Lis to Bellaire near the breach. It's a small shot, but in either this picture or the next, there is a house in the middle of the road at the end of the block where the breach shoved it.

See above caption

The little park on Fleur de Lis, also near the breach.

More of the park.

The last photo of The Mirthmobile.

Broken front window of my house.

Broken bedroom window.

Broken guest room window.

Broken den window.

The fuse box cover is missing, and everythign is rusted through.


Amy in Thibodaux said...

Where are you guys living right now?

Mae said...

Oh I know...I've never gotten around to this.... Maybe tonight I'll tackle some more. I've been negligent in posting.

Right now, Mark is living in Baton Rouge so he can work. More on that later.

I'm living in Metairie with my parents. More on that later, too.

Wize_One said...

Was random blog surfing and came across yours. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you start the hideous task of having to start over and sort out your life

DevS said...

Every time I read this, I get choaked up. Those pictures just break my heart. Reading this, you must someday turn it into a novel. Then sell the movie rights and have Spud star in it or something.

Misti said...

:( I am glad you got a new car though! I hope you never have to use it for this reason again!!!