Monday, September 11, 2006

Is it so wrong?

Is it so wrong of me to not bat an eye at today's date? September 11. Ho hum.

Am I a horrible person for no longer caring?

I mean, I care. I feel deeply for those friends and families.

But the 1-year of Katrina didn't get nearly the coverage and the national swelling of pride and patriotism that the 1-year of 9/11 did. And our 5-year will get even less. I feel like the 5-year of 9/11 did better, ratings-wise, than did 8/29.

Is it wrong of me to feel so jealous?

Is it wrong of me to feel so bitter?

I never proclaimed to be anything but me: a Bush-hating lapsed patriot who wishes we'd get something other than a redneck redstate cowboy in office. Perhaps that contributes?

But I never imagined I would ever not care about 9/11's anniversary.

Dear lord....don't let me ever feel so disenchanted about Katrina.

I still stand by Nagin and his hole-in-the-ground speech. I know what he meant. I get it. I even forgave him "Chocolate City" for that one. But....

Am I a horrible person?


Angel of Floors said...

Unfortunately I feel the same way you do. I admit with the way the media and our government jumped all over 9/11, it was a shock to see them all sitting on their hands last year for days. I would have to say though I think that even with both anniverseries so close together the difference in attention has everything to do with the victim's different socio economic status and skin color(i know I'm not saying anything not obvious there), there seems to a collective belief system that the poor and middle class can take care of themselves and the wealthy needs the help, seems arse backwards, but there it is. i understand the difficulties for the families involved after such a tragedy,but with Katrina whole families and communities lost their belongings,homes,livlihoods, and family and friends in one foul swoop.It might be comparing apples and oranges, but my sympathies lie more with the Gulf Coast than NYC, but I guess it just makes me unpatriotic.

Mae said...

Hey, I appreciate your thoughts. But..who are you? Are you someone I know? Just curious.

anne in MD said...

I think it depends on how you remember. People are dwelling on 9/11 in an unhealthy way that doesn't help anyone move on. The current administration has everything to gain from keeping 9/11 an open wound and sweeping Katrina under the rug. To be honest, it won't be long before all of our coastal cities will be inundated and then what? Build levees around the whole country? We can't even keep New Orleans dry. We're spending billions on brown-skinned boogie men and ignoring the multiple environmental crises likely to affect every person on earth, of which Katrina was a glaring example.

shelly said...

You're not horrible, there's nothing wrong with you feeling jealous or bitter.

But the 1-year of Katrina didn't get nearly the coverage and the national swelling of pride and patriotism that the 1-year of 9/11 did.

Of course it didn't. (Notice a tinge of sarcasm.)

I'd dare say that, to the current administration, remembering Katrina is like remembering their miserable failure and that there are still people in our own back yard that aren't as well off as others. On the other hand, remembering 9/11 is like remembering a success of sorts--that of uniting most of the country (and most of the world) against the "brown people" and their religion (Islam).

But yet, the administration has also failed since 9/11. Osama Bin Laden has yet to be captured, they don't give a flying fig about Afghanistan (the Taliban is on the rise again), and they've spent the last three years fighting and occupying a country that had nothing to do with what happened here.

Personally, I'm starting to think both anniversaries should be remembered equally.

*more hugs*