Monday, April 23, 2007

Lots to discuss

You may remember that last year, my eldest cousin had the first great-grandchild in the family. Well, this weekend was his first birthday party. The actual day is the 24th, but we celebrated at my aunt and uncle's house in Folsom, LA, Saturday. Ummm...he's adorable and well-behaved. Totally uninterested in cake and presents. But a very happy little guy.

On Sunday, we walked in the MS Walk. My aunt and my friend both have MS, and I walk in their honors each year. We had fun. It was in Audubon Park, so it was a lovely walk.

Today, we found out ...well...check the post below this one.

Also, we had a bomb threat at school. You may have seen us on the news. Again. I swear, we are NOT happy unless we are on TV or something. I pulled up to work to a very full parking lot this morning and thought maybe I'd watched the clock wrong. Miss Natalie, the cafeteria lady, stopped me and said, "You know we can't let you all in the building yet, right?"


Apparently, someone vandalized the school bus. This happened a few weeks ago. We have one of those giant colorful maps of the US on the blacktop, and someone painted Spongebob up in New England. Spongebob was making an obscene gesture. They painted anarchy symbols on the church and on the school bus. Well, today, they came in and found that they had changed the name of the school to "Holy Moly" and painted a blunt under the word High. Then they drew an exploding bomb (not a Roadrunner and Coyote bomb, but a 24 bomb) and wrote, "There's a bomb under seat 17." They also used tools to remove the mirrors and the stop signs. Because of the use of tools and the events of last week, they called the cops, who brought the bomb-sniffing dogs and the CSI guys. They lifted at least 2 complete palm prints off the bus. Hopefully, they'll catch these hoods.

After about an hour of standing around, avoiding the media, and reassuring parents while trying to keep students in the dark, they let us inside. I'll keep you posted if they catch anyone. They seem to think it's one of two scenarios: 1 is a disgruntled student, 2 is neighborhood kids.

Also, I had my evaluation today, and it was kickass. Getting a small raise and a stipend to update our pathetic school website. needs work....

Worked 12 hours because we had a meeting about our class trip to DC and Williamsburg. We leave at 6 a.m. Monday, which means we will have to be to the airport at 4 a.m. Luckily, Mark goes to work for 5 a.m., so it's not that inconvenient. It just sucks royally.

I can't wait to escape reality for a week.

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Thanks for walking, and YAY! Can't wait to see you next week!