Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Post-Mardi Gras/Pre-Bedtime report:

Temperature -- high of 80
Sky -- Usually overcast, sometimes sunny
Breeze -- Present
Humidity -- check and double check
Number of friends who dressed with me -- 2
Number of times we were asked what we were and were stumped -- eleventy-billion
Strangers asking to take a picture with us -- many
Strangers who just took our pictures -- tons
Blisters on feet -- bleeding
Drinks -- strong
Old women's breasts seen -- too many...
Students walking alone down Bourbon Street who recognized me in costume -- one
Drink in my hand at that moment -- thankfully, had just thrown away the Pat O'Brien's cup...so... no.
Times I saw the janitors from school -- twice
Dance clubs we hit -- two
Glitter all over me -- check
Success of after-Mardi Gras pancake breakfast at my house -- immense
Cute kids at the party in the Quarter -- present
Pictures taken by me -- 139...just today!
Bobby pins in hair -- countless
Rain -- held off until 9 p.m.!
Being off the rest of the week -- PRICELESS!

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