Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From raining to pouring...

I went to buy some groceries today...needed bread and water and a Coke. Went to check out. Australian guy with an amazing accent (who wasn't much to look at) had trouble with his card. After a couple of swipes, he was ok. So when it was my turn and the same thing happened, I just switched payment methods and didn't think anything of it. Chalked it up as a machine error.

Went to buy cat food tonight and was denied. Checked at the ATM to see if there was just a problem with my card. It's the end of the pay period, but I had an adequate amount in my account and should not have bounced cat food. I was grossly overdrawn, though.

I got home, logged in online, and discovered that some assclown paid their Sprint/Nextel bill with my account.

All this after practically reaching through my phone and tearing out someone's rectum because no orthopedists in this city will look at my back....I finally found one who does backs and they can take me on Tuesday. I've had ENOUGH!!

UPDATE: Card is canceled. BUT....the money won't be in my account until at least TUESDAY because of the weekend and the bank holiday Monday. My mother kindly deposited some money in my account to cover any charges that were pending and to help me through the weekend. She gets the full amount back after the credits go through. I also won't get a new debit card for another 10 days. Next step is to call the cops tomorrow. I want this investigated and the person prosecuted.

UPDATE #2: My check for my car bounced and was returned to the bank. GREAT. And it's the weekend with a bank holiday attached to it. EVEN BETTER. Can't do anything about it until Tuesday.


Emi said...

can they track it down based on the nextel account? i mean it doesn't take a genius to figure out that paying your account with someone elses card can get tracked down via your phone number/ acct info.
and what does the australian dude have to do with this? or do you think he got ripped too?

Mae said...

Oh, nothing. Just a weird coincidence. His card worked. Mine never did. But my credit card (I didn't have enough cash on me) worked with no trouble. He probably hit his code wrong.

Mostly, I was bragging that I got to listen to an Australian accent. They're so cool.

I'm pretty sure this is the dumbest criminal ever. I mean, if I stole someone's account, I' d have a shopping spree, not pay off a bill with my own damned name on it!!!

Elder Family said...

Sorry to tell you, but I worked at a bank for 3 years handling debit card fraud. People are almost never prosecuted for this. Usually the bank/credit card company just takes a loss and goes on unless it's a lot of money. We had a doctor's wife one time that gave out her card number and pin in one of those phishing schemes and didn't realize that her card was being used until she got an overdraft notice on her account that once had over $200,000in it.