Tuesday, August 09, 2011

ah, nuts

Summer's over. I go back for staff week in..oh...less than 8 hours.

It was, hands down, one of THE best years at camp ever. We have a solid staff with competent...no, BEYOND competent head teachers. We had people who didn't create or care about drama. It all went too quickly.

I have had to spend the night away from home every week for like 8 weeks.

Week 3 of camp had me spend the night to babysit the Tzofim Friendship Caravan, which is our favorite event. These singing and dancing Israelis are amaaaaa-zing. They stay the night with us the day before performing, and the director and I had to stay with them.

One week later was the camp overnight.

The next week was my cousin's wedding in the French Quarter, and we had a hotel room for two nights.

The next weekend was my brother-in-law's wedding in Thibodaux, so we had a hotel room there.

The next week was the final camp overnight.

This past weekend involved driving my brother-in-law and new sister-in-law to their new home in Starkville, MS.

We should be going to stay at a friend's camp near Baton Rouge this weekend. It'll be nice to put away the suitcase.

Okay, 7 weeks.

Speaking of putting things away, we have not done any more to the house. Too many weekends out of town. There was a third wedding in there, but we didn't have to stay in any hotels for it, haha. I'm losing my mind.

Some people nest because they are having kids. Other people nest because there are too many huge things which need to be done around the house, and they are powerless to do them, and so they start tinkering and upgrading little things around the house as a means of controlling some little part of their lives.

Yeah, that second one is me.

For instance, now that my b-i-l and s-i-l are 5-6 hours away from us, we have no idea how often we'll be able to see them. We'd like to have a place for them to stay if they have a chance. This is really hard to deal with, especially for Mark. He is so close to his brother, and while we live an hour and a half away from his family, he could and sometimes did visit at random. You can't really do that on a 5-6-hour trip.

Anyway, we have two guest bedrooms which double as our offices. Each has a twin bed in it. It would not be fair to have them sleep in separate rooms. While wandering in Target, we were checking out all of the fun back-to-college stuff, and we found a futon on sale. We decided to do what my mother-in-law did for us when we would visit: put the two twin beds in one room (my office, in this case), get one of those foam bed bridge thingies, and turn the two twins into a king. The futon will go in Mark's office.

So now we need king-sized bedding, to get the stuff moved out of my office, and start turning this into a nice guest room.

I've also picked up curtains, some new pillows, new flatware since the dishwasher ruined ours, some new sheets, and countless other things that needed upgrading around here. And I feel like there's SOME control regained over my house.

Hopefully, after this weekend, we can get back on this renovation thing.

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