Monday, June 27, 2005

Orlando, or how I'm one of the few people to not enjoy WDW.


Orlando had its ups and downs. And I'm not talkign about roller coasters here.

DOWN: had to be to work for 6:30. UP: Roman really was going!
DOWN: Bus ride was 13 hours. UP: Watched Forrest Gump, Breakfast Club, and slept!
DOWN: Got in really late and ate dinner late. UP: Dinner was at the Rainforest Café!
DOWN: Overheard our bus driver on the phone with someone, telling the person, "When I get finished, some souls are going to be delivered!" UP: Dude turned out to be awesome...he's my age, he's married, he's studying to be a preacher (presumably, the thing he was finishing), he was genuinely interested in the kids and what they had to say, he hung out with us, he is in most of our pictures, had awesome dreds, and bought every picture on every ride.

DOWN: It rained every day. UP: I remembered my pancho.
DOWN: My pancho made me look like I had a huge arse. UP: This prompted one of my most random moments in Epcot: singing "Baby Got Back" while backing that thing up, to the thunderous roar of laughter from my campers.
DOWN: Pam didn't make it out to help. UP: they sent Sarit, the cool Israeli chick, instead.
DOWN: Didn't get to see Indiana Jones this year because David lost his wallet. UP: David found his wallet.
DOWN: I lost my voice screaming like a baby on Aerosmith. UP: I survived the ride and bought a magnet of them with their kickin' mullets.

DOWN: Didn't get to do Splash Mountain. UP: Did Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribbean, where I bought Baby Ben a Winnie the Pooh beanie baby thing dressed like Captain Hook.
DOWN: Had two ritalin kids and two loud mouths in my room. UP: Ummm...there are none for that.
DOWN: New guy is too nice and doesn't pull his weight. UP: I can win the award for most useless staff member.
DOWN: The kids find me mean and hateful because I'm the disciplinarian. UP: "The only kid who matters" LOOOOOOOVES new guy because he doesn't discipline.
DOWN:Thunder Mountain is different now. It sucks. UP: I finally tried Space Mountain. Though I yelled like a bitch, it was kinda fun and made up for the suckiness that is now TM.
DOWN: I hated my roommates. Still do. Brats. Kept me up until I had 4 hours of sleep because they were rotten. Next night, let me get one extra hour for a total of 9 hours of sleep over two nights. Hate three of them, like one, but she got sucked into the crappiness. UP: The other campers were cool.
DOWN: Kids crank called a city councilman's daughter and scared the shit out of her. Her mom got on it and went to investigate the matter. UP: We discovered it and solved the problem before any major action could be taken.

DOWN: NEW GUY FORGOT THE DAMNED TICKETS AND DIDN'T TELL ME HE'D DONE SO UNTIL WE WERE AT THE PARK! He came up to me and said, "Ummm...those tickets we had yesterday..we get new ones everyday, right?" NO! THREE-DAY PARK HOPPERS! He at least offered to pay for the 10 he'd discarded. UP: We went to guest services, they figured out which cards were missing, voided them, and reissued us some cards. At no cost.
DOWN: New guy let his boys watch "Girl Next Door" on HBO at midnight because he'd never heard of it and thought it was a chick flick. UP: No parents have called to yell at us.
DOWN: Girls were horrible on the last night. Had to call Pam for backup. UP: She straightened them out.
DOWN: I've never had to do that before and I'm horrified by the fact that I did. UP: Because I did it, those girls are in danger of not going on trips if they don't shape up, and Pam is being more accessible to me.
DOWN: We got in late due to a faulty agenda that wasn't my fault. UP: We got back in time for Shabbos, and no one was in trouble.
DOWN: Roman was only doing that one trip, and he doesn't get to do this second week of in-town stuff. UP: He kept me sane. I'd be in jail for murder right now had he not talked me down and made me take a walk.
DOWN: Stuck with new guy still. UP: Only 4.5 weeks to go.

DOWN: well, this is a funny's only an up with no down counterpart. UP: Because he's inept, Roman got locked out of his hotel room, while waiting for me to go running, but I was in the bathroom getting ready to run, and I didn't hear my phone ring or him knock, so he went to early breakfast, and I thought David was Roman, but it was just David rolling onto Roman's pillow, so I called him, found out where he was, and met him for breakfast. On the way back, this old guy at the information desk called out, "Good morning, kids!" We told him good morning. He said, "I hope he's treating you all right, ma'am. He'd better treat you right! I don't want to hear he's not treating you right!" So I replied, "Oh, he treats me well!" And the old guy said, "Good, good!" Then I walked back downstairs with new guy. But old dude didn't see us. Then back upstairs. Then we all came down, and I was on my phone, but Roman said the guy looked at us, then at the kids with us, and said, "There sure are a lot of you!" Had I heard, I would have said, "Yeah, we've been busy." What a wasted joke. Ah well.

Oh, and David spooned with Roman one night. HA!

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