Friday, December 08, 2006

Results are in...

So, the ultrasound showed that I do not have gallstones. This is a very good thing.

However, my B12 levels are very low. I have to start injections next week, five days in a row. Then I will go once a week for 4 weeks. Then I will go once a month for three months. Then they will recheck my levels and see if I need more.

Also, there are problems with my thyroid. They are referring me to my p.c. physician. If he's no help, then I will be referred to an endocrinologist.

I love aging and my parents' genes.

The good news is that I've got some diagnoses. The bad news is that I've been diagnosed. I'm not going to be able to afford myself much longer. I'm already paying $110 a month for prescriptions, and that's only because I've been skipping my Nasonex. I also will add the Zelnorm, and then who knows what I'll need for the thyroid trouble. Oy vey.


student monkey said...

fellow blogger in England sending you some good-feel vibes, and one of those shoulder-supportive hugs. It's funny how you folks in New Orleans seemed to have dissapeared off the media map. well, okay its not funny, its deplorable. I had no idea things were so shitty over there still. I really hope that somehow, someway, there's a light at the end of the tunnel that's a-coming. peace,plenty, prosperity, pleasure. I hereby send you a smile voucher. Please indulge in a smile when you feel like a pep-up. The smile voucher is re-usable for up to 1,000,000 smiles, all of which must be relaxed, genuine, and beaming in nature. Smile voucher smiles should be used wisely and indulged in fully. Use of the smile voucher does not affect your statutory rights (!) :) ,dorinda

misti said...

Ugh that stinks, but good news about the gallstones! My asthma meds are outrageous. i just spent $70 to keep myself able to breathe and not pregnant. fun stuff.

anne in md said...

Ah HA! A vitamin deficiency. I had one of those. They are mysterious and difficult to nail down. The good thing is, once you get your nutrition in order you'll start to feel better. It's amazing what eating healthily will do for you.

Mae said...

So get the shots on Monday and Tuesday...went today, and my doctor, who is the ONLY person allowed to give the shots (for whatever reason) is out with the flu for the next few days. My arms get a reprieve, but I wonder if I'll get the right amounts in at the right times.

I'm supposed to feel more energy, but I napped yesterday and wanted to Monday. I could do it again today, but the school's Christmas play is tonight, and I kinda have to go.