Tuesday, July 03, 2007


There is no feeling in the world greater than the feeling you get when something you hold as important to your life is gone...forever...and then stumbling across that important object later.

We had a few boxes in our attic in Lakeview that were dry. Mostly our Christmas Ornaments. The boxes came to my parents' house and have been there ever since.

As you will recall, we lost everything but those boxes that were in the attic. Which meant our marriage certificate, our SS cards, at least my birth certificate, and my college diploma.

Or so I thought.

My parents brought over some more boxes this weekend. I was looking for a certain bowl to put with the rest of its set, and stumbled across what ended up being one of those attic boxes. I could see it didn't have the bowl, but it did have a lot of papers. Mostly random copies of my college newspaper. I went back later and dug through that box, just to see what was there. And at the bottom, safe in its "leather" holder, was my DIPLOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know if I'd ever be able to replace it, especially since the school's president retired not long after I graduated, and a duplicate would not be the same.

So now I have my high school and pre-K diplomas, which are at my parents' house and always have been (I guess my 8th grade one is there, too), and my college diploma. We got a new copy of our marriage license, so we are no longer living in sin, haha. So I'm halfway to existing again! Yay!

Also, I found what appears to be a journal I kept in study hall junior year. It's riotous. It also goes into that summer and talks all about summer camp. So many goofy anecdotes...and why can't life be as simple as it was in 1996?

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