Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What's going on

Things to note:

Insurance was reinstated.

Painting the outside of your house in July in New Orleans is not something I EVER recommend.

We're in Maccabiah at camp. That's...Color Wars....or Olympics...to you goyim...

One and a half weeks of camp left.

Followed by one weekend, one day off, and staff days at school. Bye bye, summer.

I need a vacation.

Got dumped in the pool at work while fully dressed.

House is slow but progressing.

My parents need to quit sending over boxes faster than we can unpack the ones we already have.

Teenage drama sucks. I'm glad I'm not a teen any more.

However, pushing 30 isn't any fun at times, either.

I need a haircut..it's been almost a year.

My allergies are acting up again.

We have a coconut cream pie for dessert. That's so summery.

Did I mention that I need a vacation?

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