Thursday, October 04, 2007

I like Pre-k and K from afar

And this time, I don't mean Katrina...but kindergarten.

I was subbing for a religion class yesterday, and the Pre-K/K room is right next door. I was leaving to go to meet my reading class upstairs, and one of teh Pre-K/K teachers stopped to chat. Then she said, "Oh, would you like a piece of apple pie? We're learning about the letter 'A' right now."

Who am I to refuse free apple pie?

So she brought me in and said, "Everyone, I have a special treat...this is Mrs. Aimée. What letter does her name start with?"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa," came a chorus of tiny voices.

"That's right! So since her name also starts with 'A,' do you think she should get a piece of Apple pie?"

"Yessssssss...." came those same little voices.

The pie was delicious. I wrote them a thank you note today. It said:

"Dear Pre-K/K,
Thank you for the Awesome Apple pie! I Absolutely Adore Apple pie! I Apologize for not being Able to eat your Animal crackers, too, but I Ate too much Apple pie! You guys Are Amazing!

Mrs. Aimée"

I hope they like that. I hear that today they were having ants on a log. I think that's my happiest memory of being in preschool.

Boy, life sure was simple then. They were going to have naptime after their pie. I was hoping I'd be invited to that, but I really didn't want to risk getting cooties from someone's mat...

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sea said...

That's neat. :)

I observed 6th and 7th grade language arts classes today. While it went well and I could see myself doing the job down the road, I didn't get the same 'pull' I did when I observed the pre-K/kindergarten classes. Hmm. I observe 8th grade language arts next time I go, so that should be interesting.