Thursday, December 06, 2007

Quick update

I was about to post something a few weeks ago and didn't get around to it due to a major crisis in our life. Then I decided to wait until it was rectified.

We were running low on funds, so Mark got a part-time job at a local store that sells items special to a certain college in this state. They happen to be verrrrry busy this week.

A few weeks later, this part-time job was all he had. After five years, he was released from L.

Several dead-ends and many tearful weeks later, he has been promoted to full-time at this store, starting Monday. Benefits included. He also has an offer to go to a competing radio station, but it would be part-time with no benefits. So radio loses.

He is still looking for something else, which is current boss is aware of. That's how nice this lady must be. Anyway, if you see anything not radio, as he was already looking to get out of radio before being sacked anyway, let us know. We are NOT looking to relocate. We went through too much to put down roots when we bought this place. We may never move.....acts of God willing.

Also, Dad got our other shower working. Well, technically, Chris and Geoff did. But Dad finished it up top with Mark's help. Many thanks to my two younger brothers for climbing under my house and braving ancient trash bags filled with Tab cans in holes under there.

Happy Chanukah.

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