Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day!

Yesterday was rotten. First, I found out that I didn't make the cut to attend the Renaissance Festival with the majority of the school. Instead, I was subbing and stuck at school. Whatever. I'll just go another weekend. I have until Dec. 13.

On Monday, I'd had to attend a bowling meeting about districting since I "coach" the school bowling team. I also direct the play. Rehearsals are dwindling down, so I couldn't just cancel. I had a friend who used to do theater watch rehearsals for me, and paid her in breakfast.

I drove to PJ's, ordered a medium soy latte for Jenn and a small soy mocha for me. The guy didn't put my drink in the drink holder properly, and I didn't notice until I turned a corner and heard a strange sound. This was the sound of a coffee cup popping out of the cardboard tray and flipping over, then coffee glugging out onto the floor mats of my 10-month-old car. It smells like a coffee shop. Thankfully, I had soy milk instead of cow's milk, so it didn't smell sour that afternoon. I pulled over, cleaned it as best I could, and then realized that the brand-new sweater I was wearing had coffee all over the sleeve. JOY!

Then I realized that I forgot lunch. We had a 1 p.m. dismissal for the kids for a SACS meeting, and I had my kids stay for rehearsals. I had some crackers and some leftover brie in the fridge, so I noshed on that to hold me over. When the meeting ended, I grabbed my cast and we walked down the street to the store.

One kid was picked up 40 minutes late, and I'd had a call from Mark saying that he had to go to work for 6:30 instead of 8. It was after 5:30, so I ran to McDonald's for nuggets, dropped them off, said hello and goodbye, and ate dinner all alone.

Then I was very tired later, so I showered and went to bed. Shazzy was in my bed sleeping. He didn't want to move. I read for a while, put down the book, took off my glasses, turned out the light, and rolled over after a minute. Generally, I shove my hand under my pillow when I sleep on my side. I did so, and felt something, which I thought may have been a wayward Kleenex since I'd been sick last week. But it was small. And it tickled me. I was convinced I imagined it until it tickled me again. I yanked out my hand and threw whatever it was into the darkness. I had a bottle of water on the floor and heard a clunk. I freaked for a minute, then grabbed my glasses and turned on the light. I saw nothing. I'd felt it. I'd thrown it. I'd heard it. But I didn't see it. Conclusion: Shazzy brought a spider or roach into the bed, but it ran under my pillow for safety, then fell into my hand before being ejected and running to safety.

At that point, I flung the covers off, ran to the bathroom, and couldn't scrub my hands hard enough. Soap, hot water, Germ-X, repeat. I eventually crept back into my room, lifted the pillows and sheets, decided it was safe, and went to bed.

But then I was wide awake. You would be, too. Light stayed on, I read for a while. I texted Mark what happened. His response: "Well, in 45 minutes, the day will be over."

Gee, thanks. Goodnight.

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