Thursday, January 13, 2005

The cirrrrcle of liiiiiiife....

Last week, I learned about an end of a life and the beginning of a life on the same day. After celebrating Geoff's birthday with my parents, we headed home about 1 a.m. Mark's phone rang, and it was his boss, calling to say he had to come in immediately, because Buddy D, local talk legend, died earlier that evening.

Now, I've always hated him. My most vivid memories growing up involve my father, the Saints, and Buddy D. A strong college memory: Not having my own car, I would go home every other weekend via my parents. We wouldn't go back to school until after the Saints game was over. Which meant that I would then be subjected to being trapped in the Durango, forced to listen to his aftershow with no escape. But, it's sad. It's like the end of an era.

Earlier that day, I discovered that Emi had her baby!! And they're both healthy, even though he was a month early. Yayyyyyyyyyyy.......he's cute, too.

Less than one week until I start classes. At that point, I will find out what my internship entails, and I will reevaluate my job availability status, after which I will pound the pavement. Can't wait. Eff the dub.

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