Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Our computer arrived today!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff brought over his copy of "Garden State" last night and we watched it and ate cheesecake. It was a fabulous evening! It was such a good movie, and the cheesescake is the only decent thing my MIL can make. Happiness all around!

School is cool. Looks like a heavy workload. But that's okay. I'll survive.

Best thing about school, part 1: no textbooks!
Best thing about school, part 2: One of my professors is named Sassy.

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anne said...

I've seen those before. They're called opaque projectors. Only all the ones I've seen are at least 50 yrs old and look like monstrous beasts. I got a new DELL laptop recently as well. It does everything but write my proposal for me. Better get back to work!