Wednesday, December 08, 2004

David Lee Roth lights the menorah....

And so do James Caan, Kirk Douglass, and the late Dinah Shore-ah.

And lately, so do I! Well, I don't touch the real one. But I do color in the flames on a paper one each day at work.

I like Chanukkah. I love gelt (especially the dark chocolate), I love latkes, dreidel is fun, and standing with the kids as we light the menorah together is so much fun. I like buying Chanukkah gifts for baby Ben. I love seeing the kids each afternoon and hearing about/seeing what they got for Chanukkah, and I like their anticipation about going home to get their next gift. Today, the Salad Tosser (it's a dance she made up, I swear) asked me what I got for Chanukkah last night. I told her I don't celebrate Chanukkah. She said, "Why not? I celebrate Chanukkah and Christmas. You can, too!" "But my family isn't Jewish," I said. "That's okay. you can still celebrate it. Just do it here with us!" How cute and warm and fuzzy. I love how accepting these kids are of our differences, you know? Mirit wished me a happy Chanukkah a few minutes ago, and said, "I can say that because I count you as one of us. You're around Jews like 24/7, so you count." Why can't all people in the world be this accepting? Sigh.

I finished my Christmas shopping today!!! YAYYY. Now I just have to do Mark's birthday.

Sorry I'm not funny today, but I started working out again last night and I'm tired and sore and my brain kinda hurts. I'll think of a humorous topic for tomorrow.

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