Friday, December 03, 2004

Don't be bringing that sh...tuff up in here!

I was feeling pretty good about my lunch choice for the day: an everything bagel with whipped cream cheese and some rice cakes. Then Over-21 Jeff im'ed me and said he was going to lunch. He didn't know what he was going to eat. Eventually, he came back and informed me that he was eating corn and shrimp soup. Then it dawned on me exactly how crappy my lunch was. RICE CAKES! What was I thinking? There's so much more out there to enjoy. Moron. Anyway, it cheesed me off that he brought that lovely lunch to my attention. If I see him, I think I'll kick him. Damn. What was I thinking? RICE CAKES!

Today I learned a very important fact. NEVER go to Google and search for "Shaggy" under the pictures option. I was trying to find a picture of Shaggy from Scooby Doo for a work project, and I got some of the nastiest stuff....Including a very disturbing image of Shaggy standing with an also standing Daphne. A NUDE also standing Daphne. And what they were doing is not suitable for print. Second of all, make sure you aren't at work doing this.

Random thought: how many kids a day go looking for pictures of cartoon heroes, only to end up with this?

I found my Christmas cards today. Guess I'll work on them this weekend. Or is it too early?

Oh. All of the bonus cool points from the first post's question go to Andy "Where the hell is he?" the Groomsman. He correctly identified it as Chapelle's Show. Albeit in an e-mail. But he still gets credit.

My brain hurts.

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Geoff said...

When you go to Google, there's a tiny link to the right of the search box that says "Preferences." Click it. Scroll to the middle of the page and turn SafeSearch Filtering to strict filtering or moderate filtering. Scroll to the bottom and click "Save Preferences." No more nude Daphne.