Thursday, December 16, 2004

Have a seat...your memo will be right with you.

Yayyyy our recliner is coming tonight!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! And the in-laws come through.... We wanted a recliner for the den, because, as anyone who has ever been to our house knows, it's impossible to entertain. One sofa, some metal folding chairs, and the straight-backed kitchen chairs? Not fun.

The chair is lovely. As the name implies, it reclines. And it swivels. So you can spin around and see who's talking to you.

It's a sage green, and it's comfortably squishy, yet well-supporting. Whew. There is nothing comfortable to sit in or lay on in our house. The mattress on our bed sinks in because it's too soft and it hurts my back. The sofa is too wide in the seat, and the cushions reject you. And the kitchen chairs are fine for dining, but to watch a movie or hang out in? Not fun.

The coolest part? It's a microfiber chair. This means it is COMPLETELY STAIN-RESISTANT. Do you KNOW what this means to me????? Do you know about my spasticity??? Ask my family. They lived with it forever. Ask Mark. He shakes his head at me on a daily basis. Ask Roman. He got to see it up close and personal in trip camp last summer. I fell in a hole on the streets of Memphis.

Walking in Memphis.....I got my feet 10 feet underground.....

Apparently, we could write an entire essay on the chair, and with a little soap and water, get it spotless again. Perhaps I will move this blog to the chair. Maybe, instead of Post-It Notes, I'll leave Mark messages on the chair. "Don't forget to take out the veal if you want dinner tonight. And don't even THINK about sitting here until the dishes are done."

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