Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I bet they'll pick the goat.

On Monday, I was working at the front desk, and found out about two momentous events happening simultaneously. Both equally thrilling, both quite memorable.

First, Sen. Joe Lieberman was coming to talk to the kids and light the menorah. His granddaughters are students. Anyway, I got to meet of the first to do the desk. His son was with him, and he gave a personal introduction. He said, "This is Aimee (stupid Blogger won't let me put my accent, yet it let me do it as my I'm going to bold and italicize all of my accented e's from now on.). She runs the Kids Konnection program that the girls go to." And apparently I get glowing reviews by the girls at home, because Sen. Lieberman said, "Oh, they love that Konnection!" Score one for me.

At the same time he was due to arrive, J3's mom was bringing in some goats for animal show and tell. Their names are Jack and Jill, and they were only 6 days old. THEY WERE SO CUTE!!!!! They weren't much bigger than Lily, and not much smaller than Shazzy. They were very docile and very light...I got to hold Jack for a second because Salad Tosser was losing her grip on him.

And out of the two events, which one will the kids remember most?

I bet they pick the goats.


Geoff said...

for your accented e, try typing & # 0 2 3 3 ; without the spaces... you should see é isn't html awesome?

Mae said...

Geoff is cool. é