Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Part 4.5 Katrina Pictures again

I think I must have hit a max size....here are some more... but try to do these in posting order. go down to 4.25 first.

This is part of the pretty glass atrium in the New Orleans Center. We had to watch where we walked and a security guard fussed at us for walking under it because glass was still falling occasionally.

Water dripping from the third floor into the Café du Monde in the New Orleans Center Monday afternoon.

The trees along this street ( I forget which it is...maybe Poydras?) fell inbetween all of the cars parked along the building. Some toppled, others snapped. No trees were on cars. Had the flood waters not come in less than 24 hours later, these cars would have been fine.

This is the Superdome on Monday afternoon, with my reflection in the glass, so you know I took it. That's the white cover hanging off the top. We watched it fly off during the storm earlier that day.

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