Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sometimes, you really can't go home again.

It looks like our house is submerged completely under water. We live a city block away from the 17th St. Canal and about half a mile from the breach. I found satellite photos of it, and I picked out our roof. And that's it. Our roof. I picked out the Robert's and my dad's service station, and it's the same thing. UNO is partially dry. The area where the Education Building is is wet, but the further east you go, the more grass you see. But this photo was taken on Wednesday. Who knows by now.

We had to go through the storm, as I said previously, IN New Orleans. And it was hellacious. I mean, I don't have any adjectives to describe what we went through. I can try to describe it, but you'll never fully understand.

And I have decided that I need to blog it. I have to write it down. I thought that I was going to have to wait until I was ready to do it. But I can't sleep at night. I wake up thinking about it all over again. When I finally sleep, it comes back, and the cycle repeats. So I think I have to move on this and get it out before I can start to heal.

I mean, we know that we will come back to nothing. We are prepared. Our area is decimated.

So I need everyone I sent an e-mail or anything to during the storm, while we still had Internet access at WWL, to send me what I sent you. I can track my MySpace stuff easily. I can grab that. But I don't have copies of my Yahoo mails and my Cox mails. So help me help myself. And stay tuned.

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anne said...

It sounds like you have post traumatic stress disorder. I hope you contact the Red Cross about getting some free counseling. This isn't just going to disappear.