Friday, September 30, 2005

Part 5D: Katrina ate my life (in pictures)

Using Mark's press pass, we got through the Orleans Parish Checkpoint to Lakeview on Wednesday. This is what we found. WARNING: None of this is easy to look at. If you thought the other photos were bad, keep going.
This is Tony Angelo's Restaurant, located cattycorner from my house, on Harrison Ave. and Fleur de Lis. Delicious. It will be sadly missed.

We hung Warren G., our dapper Halloween skeleton, on the door. See how the National Guard busted it in?

The markings on the roof indicate that the attic was searched, no bodies found, by Florida's National Guard on September 11. That means they still had water too high to write on the front of the house that day, as they would later on, and had to reach the house by boat and spray paint the roof.

The screen door was marked for searching on September 25, no bodies found, presumably by Missouri National Guard group 1.

Mark in front of our headboard, which did not move. The mattress and boxspring are across the room on my dresser and his nightstand.

Taken through the broken bedroom window.

The coffee table stayed in place, the end table moved, the sofa floated over the coffee table, the TV is on the ground, the entertainment center is warped and leaning, and the sofa is sitting in the recliner. Taken through the broken den window.

The window Lily jumped out of, broken again. The cover to the fuse box is on the ground. Everything is rusted out.

These pictures stayed on the wall but are all ruined.

A bit of humor: This is the Canal Blvd. Super Market up by the cemeteries. But that's not what it says....

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Misti said...

OMG. I can't believe those pictures. :( I am soooo sorry.