Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Part 4.75: Katrina Pictures yet again

Again, go to 4.25 first to view these in sequence.

Here are some National Guard members on the breezeway connecting the Dome, the New Orleans Arena, and the New Orleans Center. Taken Monday afternoon from the NOC.

This was taken either sunset Monday or sunrise Tuesday. I can't tell, because there was always water in this section. I think this was Monday. Anyway, this is the Wildlife and Fisheries people bringing people rescued from rooftops in the Ninth Ward to the Superdome for safety.

Sunrise, Tuesday morning. The Dome is naked. I leaned out of a broken window on the second floor of the Dominion Tower to get this shot. Mark was not pleased. I was careful.

This is the last photo I have of Downtown. I took it Tuesday morning from that same window after we finished our sanctioned looting, just before we went upstairs to be told we had to evacuate. You can see the water was halfway up the hubcaps of the cars. A mere 20 minutes later, the water would be to the windows of the 4Runner we escaped in. I regret not having the studio windows. And the higher water. And the Hyatt and Dominion. However, once outside, I think I went into shock. Now I wish I'd done it. But I couldn't get them.

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