Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Part 4.85: More Katrina photos.

My brother has pictures of his Old Metairie neighborhood, the huge tree across the street from my parents' house, and the during flood and post-flood interior and exterior shots of my father's Lakeview BP service station on his Flickr account. Those are located here:

In addition, my friend Kevin took these pictures of my neighborhood:

This is St. Dominic Church on Harrison Ave., about a half mile from my house. It had about 9 feet of water in it. You can see watermarks on the building and on St. Dominic.

This is Lakeview Fine Foods, a little further down Harrison Ave.

Downed trees in front of the Chase Bank on Harrison.

Kevin had to boat to his house in two feet of water on Milne in Lakeview.

The kitchen at Kevin's house. This is, no doubt, how mine will look.

I think this is in Kevin's backyard. Notice the door on top of the shed/garage/whatever.

This is a boat stranded at Mount Carmel Academy, a Catholic girl's high school in Lakeview. I didn't go here, but my cousins did.

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